Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ryan Adams once asked [me in my dreams] in a song, "Where do you go when you're lonely? Where do you go when you're blue?" If lonely and blue, I typically "take to my bed" in the Victorian manner, dressing gown, hot water bottle and all, or I cry in public and frighten people. But if the question was instead "Where do you go when it's sunny? Where do you go when it's the lunch hour in the work week?" I would throw myself into his lap and exclaim, "Headquarters, Ryan. HQ!"

Headquarters is the community garden El Sol Brillante on 12th street between Avenues A and B. Please don't stalk me, I already have enough stalkers, albeit paid employees, and they are putting a major strain on my resources.

Anyway, this is truly a magical place, a whimsical oasis amidst urban post apocalyptic wasteland.
There are cheerful gardeners who barbeque daily, and the other day when they were weed whacking and shit was flying into my lunch, they even stopped instead of doing it more. People are always throwing shit into my lunch!

Here's the local wino, he lends a touch of folksy authenticity to HQ.

And here's the baby bird I adopted. He fell out of his nest with a broken wing, but has recovered capitally under my care.

Sometimes I put on a show for the homeless who gather about, outside the garden's gate of course. Why? Because I'm fabulous and cannot be stopped.

Then just a spin in the hammock and it's back to work! Herding cats can really take it out of you, but when there's HQ, no task is insurmountable.

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