Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Girls and a Cow Skull

Oh my God! How did my modeling pictures get up here?! This is SO embarrassing, I am such an idiot!

The ebullient and talented (not to mention patient) Kelsey Bennett took these photos about a month ago. It was right after Easter actually, because I showed up on set resembling a late- career Orson Welles after the weekend, where the only words I uttered for four days, between mouthfuls, were, "Mom, just pour the food on to me." I was charged with the task of hoisting myself into a teeny tiny sparkly pink Spandex Barbie dress, a most flattering ensemble for the zoftig and future diabetic. The real star of the shoot was the cow carcass, who looked like a ghost with hollow eyes, whose scent I still slightly carry. But I didn't appreciate the superior behavior of Cow Skull. He got pretty testy after a while, demanding his own dressing room and specialized craft service. Green M and Ms and Voss water? Diva.


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