Monday, May 18, 2009

Go West, Young Man

Sometimes you wake up on a Sunday morning in a somewhat familiar bed, sometimes you wake up and see your pillowcase smeared with mascara and McFlurry, and sometimes you wake up so happy that it's not Saturday night any longer, and sometimes, if you're really lucky, you wake up at an intersection of all those scenarios. Yesterday, I woke up in the spindly arms of ADG aka "Hoochie Cooch" after another powerhouse night of stroking one another's hair and crying and realizing, yes, it's true, now everyone really hates me.

But not this Sunday, no, because we took the Sabbath by the balls and marched on up to the MOMA, which stands for Millionaires Only Meditate on Art, because that shit cost like 50 bucks to get through the doors! So in a moment of unprecedented grace and stealth, we got past the security guards with a disarming concoction of jive talk, bait and switch, lookie loo, general affability, and pathos (ADG told the guy checking tickets that she peed her pants and had to clean up in the bathroom). We were stealing culture!

And we found ourselves in good company because the current photo exhibit "Into the Sunset" features portraits of infamous bandits and rugged outlaws synonymous with the old west. The whole exhibit deals with that kind of California iconoclasm, mashing up different photographers' ideas of the West, spanning across several centuries. There are cholas, housing subdivisions, Hell's Angels, open roads, ragged mountains, hippies, cowboys and Indians, porn stars, surfers, roadside attractions, and all the other sad, beautiful things that make America great, and I love America! Exhibit highlights that will induce unbridled patriotism come from Edward Weston, Dorthea Lange (Okie Get Down!), and Lee Friedlander. So stop weeping and having your friends braid your hair and turn off For the Love of Ray J and pee your pants and go to the MOMA and get patriotic, philistine ignorami quasi- literate readership. It's pictures, for cryin' out loud, even less work than reading this rubbish. Pretend you're lurking on Facebook, you're used to that. The exhibit closes June 8th, mention Paloma Zenaida at the ticket counter and get a 10% off your next McFlurry.


Killa said...

Bandits! You know what that makes me think of...09 bonnie and jg Clyde

zoe said...

go west = third favorite liz phair song. i'm gonna listen to it and dream of you rigggghhhhht now..