Monday, February 23, 2009

Style Forecast

Anything for Selenas!

That's right girls, I said it, I called it, you read it here first.

Selena, who never stopped being a fashion/hair/music/ lipliner icon for some of us will resurface on the gutter streets soon, like soon soon. I'm currently wearing a long- sleeved mauve semi- precious gem encrusted unisuit that accentuates the derriere. Twink tanktop impresario Alexander Wang, who dresses the well- heeled and slovenly, is referencing the first 90210 incarnation in blazers and bustiers. Derek Lam is channeling your mom circa '91 with over sized blazers, jumpsuits abound in their ubiquity, and Mexico is all up in the hipster lexicon lately. Next stop is south of the border!

So eat your heart out Anna Wintour. Or give me a job.

Can anyone give me a job?

From top right:
1. Loves it!!!
2. Perfection.
3. Channeling Asian strip mall glamour shots.
4. A cheap impostor, but you're beginning to understand...

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