Monday, January 19, 2009

Alfred Kubin: He a FREAK!

While my daily meanderings often lead me to locales where one can feel free, the Neue (pronunciation: NOY- ah. I definitely called it the NEW Gallery until like a month ago) Galerie ain't that. The German and Viennese art museum's home in a 5th Avenue mansion with all its GRANDIOSITY, its Gilded Age flourishes of burnished gold and marble make one feel especially not free, even confined, but in a good way, like wearing Spanx for example. It is just a downright civilized place. They even pipe in classical music into the galleries, which provides a nice foil to drown out the inane art criticism of the douche bag next to you on a first date. I think children are banned at this museum, or perhaps they are served in the café downstairs in a light wine sauce. Very, very civilized.

(Left: A scary thing)

So I stumbled into the Alfred Kubin exhibit, whom I had never heard of before today, but the Austrians tend to produce model humans, except for Hitler of course. Kubin was a deeply disturbed young man whose bizarre and frightening worldview manifests in some fifty- odd drawings on display here. He has been referred to as the "Austrian Goya." His work will be exceptionally popular among: Tim Burton followers, goths, industrial music/ ambient soundscape enthusiasts, sadists, Jungian dream interpreters, fans of M.C. Escher, readers of Foucault and vampires.

Below: OMG! I am wicked scared!

Although I am a card carrying member of one of these categories (I'll leave that to your imagination), I fell in love love love with this freaky guy from the opening photograph to the show, in which the artist is pictured nothing but a top hat, a fig leaf, and a dastardly smile. Holy mackerel! But even better, the clever curators displayed a huge quote from the artist on the wall above his drawings:

"I wandered aimlessly in the dark streets, overcome and literally ravished by the dark power that conjured up before my mind strange creatures, horses, landscapes,
grotesque and frightful situations."

That sentiment captures my current frame of mind, especially the bit about the grotesque and frightful situations. So many grotesque and frightful situations. Anyway, get your ignorant ass out from in front of "Rock of Love Bus" and to the museum, because you'll leave feeling a little relieved about your many onerous and loathsome situations.

(Below: aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!)

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omg i didn't know your mom and dad posed for kubin!