Saturday, July 12, 2008

What Do You Do For Fun?

Tracy from London says,
"Having my best bunch of friends round my place, my sister cooks dinner while I relax... I invite my funniest of friends, and we laugh til our stomachs hurt."

I needed some new ideas...

Jack (above) from NYC says:
"Going out with girls like you."

This string quartet (Billy, Caroline, Christine and Hanna)
from all over says, "Practicing!"

Chris from Maryland says:
"Playing music.
I call it volume therapy."

Osiris from NYC says, "Reading books on yoga and meditation."

Bobby from Chelsea says,
"Cruising the Christopher Street Pier for cute boys."


1 comment:

frannywagner said...

hey darlin'. what i currently do for fun is blog and i love what you have going on. i love the whole show. the slouchy posture, the whimsical dialog, the adrien brody half-man half anteater comments. we just met him. this summer. so i was posting about that, found your great photos and linked up. for SUPERFUN i added you to my blog.