Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Self- Flagellation By Way of Culture

After a good four night stretch of indulging in such base pleasures as being drunk/ making up new dances/ eating Subway/ watching "I Love Money," one feels the need for a good purge. I'll go to an especially abusive cardio kickboxing class that showcases my impressive lack of coordination, eat raw spinach, and do an OCD clean on my room. But nothing else can repair the body and soul like a healthy dose of culture, or CULT-CHA, for my New England compatriots. Yesterday, I dragged my sleep deprived and saturated body through midtown in 92 degrees. After scowling at all the freedoom- hating Europeans who spend our dollars like pesos at Abercrombie and Fitch, I went to the Landscape/ Typology exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. The MoMA is great because it's high falutin' without being completely inaccessible, pretentious, and ridiculous. I visited the New Museum shortly after it opened and I found it to be all those things. Their collection actually looks like an NYU student went dumpster diving and opened up a museum staffed by smug anorexics to house his treasures. Anyway, this exhibit was awesome. This hodgepodge of photos is all by unknown photographers, but the photographer's shadow appears in all of them. Super eerie and mysterious, it has the feel of impending doom of a Flannery O'Connor short story. I left feeling sufficiently spooked, a tad bit smarter, and like less of a bottom feeder.

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