Friday, July 25, 2008

The Papparazzi Won't Leave Me Alone!

These pictures are from an interesting and exciting soiree, the Interview Magazine- sponsored opening party for Delicatessen. The party started at 7:00, we arrived fashionably late at 7:05, and I was wasted no later than 7:12. Padma Lakshmi showed up to taste my food to make sure it wasn't poisoned, and indeed it was not, far from it. I would actually put the dainty little pastrami sandwiches (seemingly counterintuitive, wholly charming) in the delightful category. Infamous photographer/ pervert Terry Richardson asked me to pose topless, which simultaneously thrilled and horrified me, to which I politely declined. Patrick McMullan, however, did take some snapshots, which ended up on the internet, which is cool because it's probably the first time I've been on the internet when I haven't put myself on the internet.

From left to right- Amy, Harriet, Anna, a stroke victim.

While my friends dressed in cocktail attire, I opted for slutty kindergartner.

---From left to right- Amy, Harriet, Odell, Anna, a cyclops

One guy I talked to asked me if my skirt was from Ralph Lauren. "Hell no," I guffawed... "All my parts still work, thankyouverymuch!"

from left to right, below: a stranger, Amy, Harriet, Anna, a mental retard

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