Thursday, July 17, 2008

Foods That Are Delightful

These tacos from the Big Enchilada on e12th street make me say "¡hola!" not "holla!" These tacos twins + diet coke cost $4.50, in dollars, not pesos!

I just realized that the Moroccan Grilled Chicken from Trader Joe's- $5.99- pictured below actually looks pretty nasty, but it is in fact delicious. If I'm feeling especially anorexic, I can make three meals out of one package. Usually, it's one and a snack.

Flowers are not food, but these are especially delightful. Actually, I ate flowers at a junior prom I attended in the late '90s. I was on mushrooms, and ate my date's boutonniere.

This tiny cherry pie is the dictionary definition of delightful. I became addicted to wee pies when I lived in Hell's Kitchen. The Little Pie Company is the only redeeming feature of the entire neighborhood, unless you're gay. The charming staff there knew me by name, and I learned that scale is of small value when you eat little pies by the dozen. This cherry pie in the spotlight is from the Union Square Farmer's Market, and cost only $1.50. I bought out their stock.

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Elijah said...

this is a delightful little blog entry. pies are delightful. If you really like pies then you're gonna want to try Jerry Blueberry's Pumpkin Pies over here in East Stroudsberg PA. they're half off, which means you can buy three for a nickel! Come on down!
-definately NOT Jerry Blueberry