Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Detective Store, You Are King

So I was walking along Christopher Street yesterday, en route to lay out on the pier. Despite the fact that I am not a homosexual, I loooove laying out on the Christopher Street Pier for a number of reasons. As a female, you could be stark naked and have not even a waxed eyebrow raised in your direction. Yesterday, I watched an Adonis of a man leap over sunbathing bodies practicing his flag twirling in short shorts. He wielded a massive purple flag with the grace and style of a gay gazelle. Anyway, this detective store makes my heart sing! I purchased a magnifying glass and a pipe that blows bubbles, and I think I smell CAREER CHANGE! But since I'm subtle like a T- Rex, I'm gonna need to work on my sneaking if I am to be a successful detective. I knocked over a nanny cam in the store as I was trying on mirror sunglasses. Maybe my flag- twirling friend can hook it up...

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